Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Now our Sustainable Products are easy to find:

We know it is important to make sustainability information as clear as possible. We have put together a 2-page matrix that explains the sustainability of all our green product (click on the above photos for a readable and printable image). There are two main categories: Rapidly Renewable (and Natural) and Sustainable Manufacturing. Page 1 focuses on those natural products while the 2nd page explains what makes those other fabrics environmentally conscious. Also please notice the two different types of leaf symbols: The leaf that is a green outline goes on the sample tags of our natural fabrics, while the solid green leaf will be found on the sample tags for these other patterns. Any questions, PLEASE ASK! (212) 431-4794

Friday, April 3, 2009

Green Story in Boutique Design Mag

YOMA's solution dyed and recyclable pattern, Matsu, has been featured in the new issue of Boutique Design. The issue focuses on the continuation of the green movement. We are happy they also mention the recycled polyester content of Mockingbird.